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Remember that time when Akari and Cutemon took a bath together? How old is Cutemon again?

Remember that time when Akari and Cutemon took a bath together? How old is Cutemon again?

Main Digimon partner (Renamon, Shoutmon, etc.) from favorite to least favorite, and reasons for their placement?

I think it just boils down to I have a thing for characters of raw badassery who aren’t emo, or void of personality past “I punch stuff.” Whether they’re the loud, aggressively determined type or the calm, collected type, these kinds of characters tend to easily be my favorites. Also I’m not gonna lie, aesthetics play somewhat of a part — Corvettes wouldn’t be nearly as cool if they looked like Mini Coopers.

There’s way too many main character Digimon for me to post a list, much less an order of preference that I’m 100% sure of, but that said: My favorite main character Digimon from each series:

Adventure: Tailmon

02: V-mon

Tamers: Renamon, honorable mention to Guilmon though as he’s another one of my favorites.

Frontier: Since the Digimon themselves have no personalities, we only have aesthetics to go by — so Chakmon. Funnily enough though, Tomoki is my least favorite of the group (at least pre-character development.)

Savers: Agumon, which I guess I’m going against some sort of code for saying, since you rarely see anyone saying they like Modern Agumon. His nostrils do look pretty stupid — maybe I should just post every frame they’re in to this blog.

Xros Wars: Shoutmon, but Dorulumon, the new Greymon, and Mailbirdramon were also pretty cool. Shame they didn’t get any more character development than they did. Honestly, I’d really like to see Xros Wars and Hunters retold from Kiriha’s perspective — it seems like there’s a lot “missing” by not seeing that part of the story.

Hunters: Gumdramon, obviously. Characters like him are why they say “beware the cute ones.” Really though, he makes all the other Hunters-specific characters look disappointing by comparison. Still not as good as Shoutmon though.

Funny part is, for the vast majority of these, if they actually met me they would probably tell me to fuck off within 5 minutes. I think I’d get along better with someone like Terriermon, which I guess is why he’s my icon.

I’m not gonna try to list least favorites because I don’t have a least favorite for the vast majority of seasons.

Yea, even another arc couldn't save the story... But who knows? That bandaid could have ended up being large enough to heal the series.


I found a bandaid big enough.


So you thought Xros Wars' plot and characters were that good?


Except for the fact that it suffers from what I call the “DBZ Effect” — that is, characters who aren’t powerful get very little screen time. But spreading out the character design effort between Shoutmon, Taiki, Kiriha, and occasionally some others is still more spread out than “The Masaru Show” or “The Takuya and Kouji Show.” It gets more “points” than Savers in my book because I like Shoutmon just as much if not more than Masaru *and* Xros Wars has other good characters too. There’s a reason Shoutmon is my second favorite digi only to Rena.

I heard a rumor that they had planned to have a arc in hunters that would make the story more understandable, kinda explaining many of the confusing things, but due to some budget cuts, they had to cut the arc entirely. I'm not sure if this is true, but I thought it would be interesting.


I don’t think that would have saved it anyway, to be honest. It’s like putting a bandaid over an axe wound. However, having to cut out an entire arc does explain why the whole thing feels a bit… I don’t know, rushed?

That said, I didn’t not enjoy Hunters, it’s just the least good, lol.

What are your reasons for that preference order?


I guess the thing I generally notice the most in a story, moreso than anything else, is the characters, so I guess I just basically posted a list of which Digimons I think have the best overall characterization. Although overall speaking, Savers falls a bit short — Masaru practically pulls the weight of the entire show into that #3 spot by himself — if I liked all the characters as much as Masaru, it’d be #2 or even #1.

The reason Tamers specifically gets the #1 spot is because not only are almost all the human characters decently relateable on some level, but Tamers is the one Digimon anime that most treats the Digimon themselves like actual people. They actually get as much if not more development than their partners do.

Plot isn’t unimportant though and is basically why Hunters makes the bottom of the list. I don’t really have much against Hunters characters — Tagiru cracks me up and I quite like Gumdramon. But the actual story knocks it down several notches from what it had the potential to be. (As a side note, AFAIK Hunters never actually happened in the manga, which probably explains a lot. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.)

If an almost purely comedic season is what you’re looking for though, then Hunters is perfect for you.

I don't know if you've answered this before, but what are your seasons from favorite to least favorite?

  1. Tamers
  2. Xros Wars
  3. Savers
  4. Adventure
  5. 02
  6. Frontier
  7. Hunters


There’s no running from it accept your fate “mikey”


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I found your blog when you reblogged my post of Takato drawing Shoutmon and it's fucking killing me.

I hope you get better.